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Disposable medical face masks can provide years of protection and comfort. While no one wants to be hosed down with warm saline solution or cold clean saline solution, you don't have to do that with a medical face mask. There are several models of disposable medical face masks available, including the Regen masks. The Regen medical face mask has a large port on the back for air flow; this allows for the cleanest air possible in the device.

When choosing a mask, you'll find that there are two types: full coverage and air flow masks. The full coverage masks allow for only air to pass through, so the wearer doesn't feel any foreign materials on the face. The air masks on the other hand allow for a greater flow of air through, making them ideal for patients who may have a respiratory condition. Air masks also offer the comfort of a more comfortable fit.

Air masks can come in different sizes and can be bought at different prices, depending on the type and size of the air mask and the manufacturer. For example, the Regen Air masks are made to fit well, making them comfortable for the wearer. Patients are also able to choose between a snorkel mask and a nasal mask. –