My First True Post

Hello everyone, I am Gold N. Retriver and this is my cuddly blog.

My real life blog is: REDACTED.

My involvement in the fandom

I am a member of the fandom(SFW-only, although I do like SFW vore like the Sea Whelks from SpongeBob, the most vored character is definitely Sheldon J. Plankton. Apparently SpongeBob has a lot of SFW vore, I am just interested in how digestion would feel).

Gender and sexuality

I am (mostly and biologically) male. Sometimes, I identify as vague(it/it). I am autigender and autistic. My defination of autigender is not following some/all gender norms while being autistic. Example: I used to watch every episode of Unikitty. Sure, I did mostly male things, however I do not care about if it is gendered. I just want to get my nails painted Very Peri(PANTONE’s color of the year 2022). I am bi.

Why am I in the fandom?

Anthro is cute sometimes. There is toxicity everywhere. The fandom gets the most blame although there are more toxic things. No, it is not a ### thing(some people in the fandom do use it that way). I wanted to represent how our friends and pets evolve with us and we evolve with them and through a few turns I went into the fandom. I now regularly browse r/furry_irl and other furry subreddits and draw sometimes. farewell

I hope this was a good introduction. I have no idea when I will make another post.