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Skill experiment Switch: “Infosec” has the challenge of writing a year of code with the same expectations placed on a software development team as InfoSec community lancejssc. Observation: how InfoSec that are for ya? We can all retire now? AppSec resolved. “Dev” has the task of assessing the safety of “INFOSEC” using hacker tools. Note: Dev uses existing skills to improve the code in multiple open source tools piracy, write custom tools for more accurate results. Bonus points: “Dev” can be really qualified to read the code “INFOSEC” well and identify areas of interest while most cases of “InfoSec” would not qualified. “Dev” may be related to the “InfoSec” expectations because skills and experience. This related experience may encourage acceptance, even in case of failure. conclusions: From the point of view of a software developer that InfoSec pros can sometimes be very short-sighted and annoying preachy, which may be reasonably perceived by others as extremely inconsiderate. Our egos credit pursue the means to verify that the court in one fell swoop-wonder or gimmick, while engineers are grinding million lines of code epically useful. The code that makes it possible for you to read this anywhere you are in the world.