Disadvantages of the blogging: Things to consider

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. The writers are born for it; no one can be taught how to compose their thoughts until they know it. You must know the cons/disadvantages of blogging when you are doing it alone. I discovered these upcoming disadvantages when I was looking for an answer on “how long does it take to create a wikipedia page”. The disadvantages are as follows.

You are alone:

For bloggers, working from home faces this common issue. Because social contact is fewer for home-bloggers, the boredom occurs much. Their previous colleagues are missing. In addition, those who cause issues at work miss them. The reality of blogging is a harsh side. You have to manage alone before you try to extend your career and pursue a new way to recruit others. It will add to considerable frustration frequently.

Ensure that you have a good social-internet mix. Twitter or Messenger contact with mates is not known as socializing. You must go out to make friends and become a part of the crowd. Honestly, I find it challenging to manage so at times because I would like to do it all digitally, including the paying of bills. However, you must step on to the next stage if you strike a strong compromise between social and professional life.

Status of Finance:

I know plenty of bloggers struggling to blog their entire period. You love to blog but you do not have a fixed interest source. Some strive for self-employment to earn a living and few rely on their parents to meet their money needs. Finance is an essential commodity of any individual to survive. Blogs do get you higher income rates, but that happens when you are working in collaboration or under some renowned marketing sector.