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Female-Visitors of Acquaintance Web-Sites: Description

We spend so much time with computer that finally we feel uncertain without it. Some people use Internet for shopping, some – to follow news, watch movies, listen to music and/or communicate. There are females that are fond of acquaintance web-sites like local video chats . They can be divided into several groups.

The first type is potential brides. They put a purpose to get married. They don’t pay attention to men with ribald pictures and witty questionnaires. They don’t use chats and forums a lot assuming it useless. A perfect man for them is respectable and well-provided man focused on marriage and family. This type of girls carefully chooses candidates and fills out their own questionnaires. They don’t use sexy photos and superficial comments. Usually women of this type had relations and look for official marriage. They are smart, pretty and educated: the age varies from 28 to 33.

Second type is sociable. Girls spend a lot of time in the Internet chatting and communicating. Their questionnaires are rich in photos and details of their lives. They are interested in shopping, night clubs, resorts and other pleasant facilities. The communication in virtual space for them is the way to express them and to look for new company to join in trips to clubs and restaurants. They may look superficial but they are always cheerful and light-hearted. They are 17-25 years old and don’t put marriage as purpose of communication.

The third group is schoolgirls. They visit acquaintance webs to get rid of diffidence and multiple complexes. Definitely they are not looking for a husband and would not agree for a meeting face-to-face. But in communication they are forceful and energetic, provoking spicy situations to trick afterwards. It is easy to define them by incorrect writing and incapacity to keep talking on deep subject. Photos are usually other’s or set by software.

Forth type is desperate housewives. The purpose of their online presence is to escape from everyday routine and to self-affirm. Also they may look for new sensations. They are able to discuss any topic; they are educated and know how to entice a man away. But they don’t need deep relations because they have a husband and a family.

Fifth group is suspicious females. They are scammers or swindlers looking for money, or females that don’t know exactly what they are looking for. Females from the last category pretend to be someone else; they are in the Internet to have a good time only. They enjoy playing games.

And the sixth type of Internet- Women is romantics. They do look for true love; they wish to meet the only one destined for them. Females of this type are the best all over the Internet; they are the most candid and kind girls of the virtual space.