Get an account on PeerTube·Social

The PeerTube·Social instance, a popular and trusted moderated of over 2200 users and 1488.4GB of hosted content, closed sign-ups in February. Indeed, many new users were joining and uploading videos and we could not effectively moderate. The auto-blocklist was getting longer without our small volunteer team of moderators being able to timely review these videos. On top of that, moderation of comments was especially difficult, if not to say impossible, before the improvements of the 2020 roadmap. Despite this, we have created a couple of accounts when contacted. We are, as of today officialising this policy. We will not re-open public sign-ups but you can request an account following this method.

How to ask for an account

The admin panel to create new users on #PeerTube

The email that the user will receive. Green is the username, Red is the rest of the link special id.

The little 'Reset my password' prompt the user will land on when clicking (or copy/pasting in address bar) the link.


If despite following these steps something went wrong then contact us again and we will try to fix the problem.

Consider donating to help with the hosting costs

Unfortunately hosting a PeerTube instance isn't free. It costs PeerTube·Social's admin about 23€ per month to keep the instance online. All PeerTube·Social users get 500Mb of daily upload but if that is not enough for you can increase this to 2GB for a minimum donation of 5€. OpenCollective is preferred but Liberapay is also possible.

And thank you to the Free Software Foundation Europe for their generous support. FSFE-logo

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