Peertube·Social briefly, P·S at 100 000 views.


A few years ago Chocobozzz decided to start a personel project, he send the first commit to Github on October 29, 2015. This project would in October 2017 attract the interest of the French non-profit organisation Framasoft. Framasoft are mainly known for their “De-google-ify Internet” campgain where they ran over thirty different services, from framabee (replacing Google Search) to framashpère (replacing Facebook) or even framagenda (replacing Google Calendar). This non-profit chose to support Peertube by providing financial backing in the spirit of their Contributopia campagin and use of their organisation for future fundraising. You can donate to the current fundraising “V3” here.


Since 2017, a great many changes have happened in the Peertube world. Framatube is no longer the only instance hosting Peertube for one, at least 400 instances with 40000 registered users, according to Fediverse Network. However, because of the decentralized nature of the Peertube network it is hard to find realiable statistics, so take this with a pinch of salt.

For our instance, we have got over two thousand registered users and six thousand videos. And, of course, we have now reached one hundred thousand views!

What's next

This milestone let's us reflect on our past two years and what we want in the future. We want to be part of a healthy, ethical and respectful video sharing community. We have for this reason multiple times changed our code of conduct and our rules to better reflect this. We also wish to get more moderators in order to support a greater number of languages. You can find out who is part of the moderation team on our instance's about page.

We also wish to become financially stable so that we can be sure that P·S will never go away, or at least anytime soon.


You can help cover the hosting costs (about 23€ per month) by donating via OpenCollective or Liberapay. Anything greater than 5€ per month will increase your personal daily upload limit from the default 500mb to 2GB.

There is also hope that we could transfer the hosting of the instance to outside Germany or compensate moderators, but this will always come after the hosting costs.

A special thanks to our sponsored supporter: FSFE. FSFE_logo

A warm thank you to for developing a free software federated blog platform and to Tedomum for hosting this instance.

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Artwork from Framasoft/Peertube and/or David Revoy.