Hi there! Nice to see you around.

Who's this?

You can call me Spinlock.

I don't perceive myself as one person—it's more like having roommates in my head. This flatshare situation is commonly referred to using the term “system”. Check out this website for a well written introduction if this is new territory for you.

You'll likely get to know two of these roomies: Mike and Sani. There are others, but they tend to hide in the background and don't like being in the spotlight.

I'm gonna stick to the singular first person. In my experience, it's confusing for many people when I start talking about “us” and “ourselves” in the plural form, even though that would more accurately describe the way I experience myself.

If you think I'm crazy, get lost. You're not welcome here. There's enough stigma already and you're one of the reasons why people like me don't dare to open up publicly.

What can you expect?

This blog is about how I experience myself and the world around me. I'm just a normal person living my normal life; as it turns out, my normal is likely somewhat different from yours.

Expect mental health topics. I'm going to try my best to tag and introduce heavy topics before diving into them, to give you a chance to stop reading if a topic isn't interesting to you or maybe even makes you uncomfortable.

A handy but non-exhaustive list of topics that will eventually turn up in this blog: #neurodiversity #neurodivergence #ADD #dissociation #trauma #flashbacks #therapy


Because I want to talk about this. Because it's important to talk about this.

I regularly find myself thinking that I'm alone with the way I experience life. I know this isn't true. You might be one of the people who need to read about my experiences to realize you're not alone, either.

There's many people like me. You probably met one, or talk to one regularly, and didn't notice. A world dominated by neurotypical people presents challenges for those that don't fit the mold. We need to talk about this. We need to raise awareness.

When's the next article coming?

Currently, there's no schedule. New posts are coming irregularly as time and energy are available to write them.

You can get notified about new posts. The following methods are available: