They Said me I'm sick with mental health problem But my sick is ghetto crime problem. Like the world is an fucking ghetto with sectarism tribes. And Now they Said I have some nodules in both lung fields 5mm. I smoke everyday since 18 years old. Now I'm 32. They want I see doctors everymonth. When I'm drunk Alcohol I'm realy sick. With low body temp. When I'm listening some black music I'm sick. I'm in sick World with sick people. my kitchen sink is clogged since six month ago. The rap music is for pious people because they are against homosexuality like church. I can't delete or change password of this old blog : There is 370 euros on my bank account on 01/21/2023 to next caf payment so 17 days for waiting . It's like 370/17 , 21.7647058824 euros, for me eat some food per day. The train cost 30 euros per week for go to campus. Very expansive life for me. Difficult for manage this wallet correctly.

Like some readings of life, in France, for studies and learn english.