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USCIS Certified Translation Services | Authorized Company  Description :USCIS Certified translation services are vital, but do you know when you can need them and how they are different from general translation? Click to read more. All About USCIS Certified Translation Services You might have heard about the USCIS certified translation services but if you don’t know what exactly they are and how they are different from other general translation services, then you have landed on the correct page.    USCIS translation services are the solutions provided by the online translation agencies specifically for USCIS related documents. USCIS is an American agency that deals with citizenship, visa, and immigration-related procedures. The translation required by this agency is quite different from the ones that we hire for other needs.

Certified translation services for USCIS involves certified translators, working either independently or with a company, to perform translation procedure. The translator, who is not certified from ATA is not allowed to perform such type of translations.   In certified translation services, one certificate is given along with the translated document to the customer. This certificate acts as proof that the translation performed is complete and accurate. The certificate is signed by the translator and sealed by the translation company. This certificate involves a lot of information about the translator and the translated document. It includes the following information: • Full Name of the Translator • Certification/ Affiliation • Title of the Translated Document • Number of Pages • Address of the Translator • Signature of the Translator • Date • Seal of the Authorized Agency When USCIS Certified Document Translation Services Are Useful? There are many instances when you may need to hire USCIS certified document translation services. A few of these scenarios are given below: 1. If you have plans to move abroad, certified document translation services can help you reach there, as the organizations on the foreign land will demand translated documents along with certificates. 2. For all the immigration procedures, documents are required to be translated into the native language of the foreign country, which requires document translation services. 3. In case if you are applying for American universities for studies, USCIS will demand for documents which are translated with certificate. 4. Another such scenario is when you have got a job in a new country. The hiring organization will ask you to submit the certified translated documents. A USCIS approved document is accepted by all other government and private companies as well. There are many documents that require USCIS certified translation services. Most of the identity documents, certificates, and other important documents are some of them. The list of a few of these documents are:

Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Bank Statements, Marriage certificate, Divorce Certificate, Driving License, Voter Registration Card, Diploma Certificate, Degree Certificate, Crime Record Certificate, Medical Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Official IDs, etc.

Why To Hire USCIS Approved Translation Services? USCIS stands for US Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is an organization responsible for immigration, visa, citizenship and other related procedures. USCIS has a rule which states that all the documents required for either of the above-mentioned processes, needs to be submitted to the organization if present in the English language alone. In case, if the documents are not in English, the translation of these documents is required. Initially, USCIS used to accept notarized translated documents, where the certificate of translation is signed by the translator in front of a notary. Later, they made changes in the rules and started accepted certified translated documents. The main purpose of the certificate is to define that the translation is accurate, complete and is performed by a certified translator. For any of your USCIS certified translation needs, it is highly recommended to hire the best service in the United States; and that is Click For Translation.