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We are always looking for Talent.

A transcription of a Long Form Toot earlier this morning, fully composed on the fly, in my toot Editor at my main Mastodon instance.

Very lightly edited for Blog publishing, adding links and references only, content was ready. The views in the post are my own, but I believe they reflect the values which make our instance a vibrant and pleasant place to be in.

Leadership :

We at Qoto are always scouting for new Talent, and open to suggestions, comments.

Adding new Staff members is good for all communities — it's a labour of love, we do it for the fun, the pleasure of seeing things growing up, a nice social climate growing.

I would like to invite any Active user here at Qoto (or in the Fediverse at large, if you decided to join us) to consider if they would like to help.

All communities depend on users participation — otherwise you would be building static web pages and publishing your own content, like a Blog for example.

The Role of Moderators :

It's not a Cop on the Beat job, although sometimes we have to perform the duties of judging content and deciding what action if could require, or not.

iv. What makes a good Moderator? Ideally a stable and pondered person, capable of communicating clearly and actively present in the community.

The job of a Moderator is, in my personal view, more than simply keeping an eye out for unacceptable behaviour or content. But any Staff member in a site should be interested in it, a content producer and community builder him/herself.”

Any user can contribute to the site

...through their posts and added content, thru their interaction with others. I find the size of the community ideal, we don't have a huge crowd or overwhelming numbers of new posts.

We all can help:

Additional Reflections :

I wrote my own personal reflections back in late November, 2019, about the role of an active user and aspiring leadership candidate. At the time, I was being nominated to the December 2019 Moderator Nominations at

It's a Long Form page, of course; (1,023 words 6,374 characters). I don't post bare URLs or video links much, Words are my passion.

If interested, take a look at :

Moderator Nomination – My Personal Views

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