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Glitch-Social — Instances list is really needed

On June 3, I wrote a Toot at my new account, found late on the previous night. (the busy tabs list mentioned is the banner above)

A picture of my busy Tabs list in #Waterfox browser shows that I really was looking for some good GlitchSocial instances.

Had been intensively searching for a list (non-existant, afaik) of Glitch-Social instances. They tend to be blended in with generic mastodon ones, so it was quite a chore. In a Blog page about this, I wrote:

[ I WILL provide that list soon — there is a need ]


A Powerful and Light, FAST client for Mastodon, etc...

Originally posted as a sequence of Toots from my account at Koyu.Space, this was well received, appreciated by the Pinafore client's Author and I think is quite informative.

There's a lack of good reporting and documentation on many projects in the Fediverse.

But Pinafore is beloved of its users – see screenshot above, from the #Pinafore fediverse hashtag. And some others below too. 👍🙂❤


This started as a reply in my Fediverse account: And I came back, on a quiet moment to read your new blog page. Very nice – I really enjoyed it, and think it can be useful to other people as well.

Same as you, I first learned about MarkDown upon getting started with blogging – using the Write.Freely software, which is the free open source version of the blog.


That is a Good Question. Here's why.

A collage of recent posts on important issues we face in the Fediverse. And which we hopefully can move forward on.

Originally In response to a post by Snow

Why you chose Glitch social? It still can be affected by Eugen.

Indeed — Glitch-Social is a Much Better mastodon, but still has the heavy load of all the mastocode under the hood.


New find, a lovely MarkDown text editor

This morning I stumbled across an interesting blog, and in it, a reference to a good markdown text editor.

Have tried others before, and not for long; I am familiar with the MD tags, and work well with the EditPad Lite text editor, or from inside the nice Dark Themed Write.freely blog editor, if I am composing a new blog page.


An idea for improvement

This is in regards to the cool new 'Zonelets Blogs', created and maintained by Marina Kittaka.

Marina create this new project last month, November 2020, and it's got some really interesting aspects – a very simple approach, pure html source code, allowing people to learn and get familiar with the inner workings of the Web.

It is a minimalist approach, intentionally – as opposed to the heavy and too complex situation we see with WordPress and other large publishing platforms.


Verdana Pro — why use 'Arial'

...when something much nicer is freely available?

Verdana is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Matthew Carter for Microsoft Corporation. This typeface was originally release with Windows 98 as part of our vision to significantly improve on screen reading time. Verdana Pro adds light, semibold and black styles with italics, as well as condensed styles with italics across all weights.


Many times we need a place to store our Images, online

Finding some free Image Hosting for Forum, Mastodon and Blog Posts — it's something needed by many of us, when we get active in Forums, etc.

I had to find a place to host images for my Blog pages, as my usual WriteFreely platform does not offer the option of uploading an image to the server.

Have used different ones over the years, and back in December 2019, when I was starting the new Blog, went and spent a day looking for what's available, their features, etc.



Yesterday I came across a small blog, posted at, which I found interesting. It was created using 'Zonelets' – which I hadn't heard about until now.

A bit of link following and I discovered a wonderful new project, which I am now trying out for small posts, hosted at Neocities as well.


Long wished for, a way to view user data Backups

'FediRenderer' — a project for a much needed new tool for viewing User Backup Exports from Mastodon instances in the Fediverse.

See a backed up toot as displayed by the viewer?

We have a working FediRenderer below. And some background as well. Plus, very detailed, illustrated instructions for new users.