Fediverse – Cats Follow on Friday Suggestions

Furry Friday and Caturdays are great

And it's #FurryFriday but also #FF or #FollowFriday ... In fact, I am late in posting this, a pretty Blog version of my original Discourse Forum post. And now it's #Caturday even

So I thought — why not post a neat Referral to our feline loving Fediverse accounts that are present in these hash tags ?

#cats #mastocats #catsofMastodon #meow #Kittens

Here's my new idea, for a #FFF or FelinesFollowFridays (the short tag better)

I have done similar Feline referrals on mastodon Toots — last one here, but they really are not as nice as I would like.

The people operating those accounts put effort into selecting and posting great photos, so I thought of making an organized post in the Forum was better — allowing for in-line images, with a snapshot of each account, a little text copied from their profiles.

This was looking great, and it was sad to think of going backwards — a Toot just can't be done to look exactly like that. So, I will stick to the Forum and now a Blog post format. Announced on mastodon so people there can see too, and visit.

Some cool accounts to follow if you enjoy seeing Cats.

Kern Panik@kernpanik@chaos.social

+++ Now with 15% more cats! +++

catbot France@catbot@miaou.drycat.fr

Miaou est une instance Mastodon faisant partie des CHATONS avec une forte orientation geek aimant l'open source, le libre et les chats

Miaou is a Mastodon instance that is part of the KITTENS organization, with a strong geek orientation loving open source, free software and content and cats.

Georgia's @cats@cats@quey.org

:cat:Meow, meow, meow!:cat:

Operated by Georgia, this is a Curated feed — only selected photos on her stream. Recommended.

#cat #cats #kitten #kittens

Cat Posting Bot@catpostingbot@pawoo.net

Cat Posting Bot is unbeatable for quantity. Some of you might not see his/her account, since it's on Pawoo, and that is blocked in some instances.


totally not a kitten spambot #inPURRection #stopkittenban one #kitten each 5 hours


A cat owner living in Japan. I will toot my cat pics, and boost cats living in mastodon:smirk_cat: #cats # #グレー猫

秋 — Autumn @ak_ephemera@photodn.net

Japanese cat lover profile, thousands of great photos.

( referred courtesy of Casey – thank you! )


俺「アインマルエスプレッソビッテ」 スタバのお姉さん「名前をおしえて?」 俺「Yuyaです」 お姉さん「わかったわ!ちょっと待っててね!」

_人人人人_ > Juja <  ̄Y^Y^Y^Y ̄ Me, Ein mar Espresso Bitte. [One Espresso, please] Starbucks' sister “Tell me your name. 」 I'm Yuya. Your sister said, “All right. Wait a minute! 」


(Ponkan nicodo contributor)

超カレーに差し入れしたらぽかーんさんと呼ばれた(ヽ'ω`) 若林ィィィ(#゚Д゚)

When I put it in a super curry, I was called Pokan-san.

Translating Japanese is difficult, and a lots of meaning is lost — but this account has some great Cat images. Check it out.


Smile Souriez Cheese ;) [ Smile and say Cheese ]

JP has lots of Photos in his account, including many of cute cats, kittens, etc. It can be a great place to see what he has discovered recently too — I found Ponkan-san above from JP's stream. :smiley_cat:

Rob G.@design_RG@qoto.org

My own account, humbly sharing Twitter imported feline cuties since 2019.

I tend to do batches of maybe 4 to 6 nice cat photos at a time; most of my posting is in Technology, design, Fediverse reporting, Blogs and writing.

Wait, what if — you DON'T like cats ?

As a Public Service (I am a moderator and Staff member at Qoto.org), I felt it was a good idea to provide information for people who do NOT like cats, or photos, or videos.

If by any chance you are in that demographic, please feel free to read my cat FILTERS manual on this Mastodon post. And enjoy freedom from my felines posts.

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