Pleroma – Finding the Good Instances, part 2

I was pleasantly surprised by the interest generated by my Discover Pleroma. An alternative to Mastodon page. Various people contacted me, interested in trying out Pleroma, and asking for some recommended instances.

So this page is intended to provide :

These topics were covered in more detail in Pleroma – Finding the Good Instances, part 1. Additionally, a couple of instances were selected.

Here on part 2, we touch briefly on the selection criteria; and provide a list of recommended Pleroma instances for your consideration.

Is it important, which instance you are in ?

Yes, I believe so. And wrote a blog page about that which is currently my most popular one — Is it Important, which Instance you are in?

To summarize that page, here's some pointers :

Looking up any Fediverse Instance :

Thanks to some excellent information stored in two different sites, it's easy for us to find a lot about any particular Fediverse server; this includes Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey and all the other services (for music, photos, file storage, etc)

One of the sites carrying this is Fediverse.Network. We see listings for Pleroma instances here, sorted by size – largest ones at the top.

Viewing Instance Details :

If you have a name from a search, or someone's mention, you can open a detailed info page for that particular one at :

So let's see what there is for

This method is quick and effective — and if you know what you are looking for, a great help in selecting a good place to settle.

And Finally — Our Recommendations !

I have really enjoyed seeing the interest caused byt my posts about Pleroma, and have been traveling the dusty lanes, looking for Pleroma instances to suggest to new users. Here are some of my findings.

Top of the List : The German Instance with the Impossible name!

I had seen people's posts before, coming from it, and I knew people who are members there. But so far, the impossible to remember German name had defeated my curiosity.

Not anymore, and I am happy to list FAB (the sane and easy acronym) to everyone.

Or, if you are a German speaker, maybe is not that odd to remember? LOL. Yeah, FAB is popular alternative name, and we count on our browsers and bookmarks to get it right if needed.

Meet the Mothership

FAB, which is run by Puniko impressed me a lot — on my profiles in various places, I now list my account there as my Pleroma home. That's how much; no small kartoffeln!

As mentioned above, looking up an instance is easy on, here's FAB's listing.

From that page, important notes:

Why I felt welcome there

I visited FAB and registered, after reading the Terms and Conditions, which is cute, short, funny and sweet. Not bad at all!

My account there is yann, and I started by posting an Introductions post, as de rigueur, mentioning that I was doing research for this article. Soon I was involved in a very friendly chat with many people, some locals and others from friendly nearby instances.

And from that I learned a lot. Enjoyed the fast paced chat (Pleroma nodes react so fast to input, it's a drag to go back to Mastodon's heavy, beastly behaviour!), enjoyed the friendly locals.

And learned that FAB is not only a cool place to be — but the original home for many who today are admins of their own Pleroma nodes.

That is High Credit to Puniko and her instance, the people there, and I wanted to publish this — I loved to learn about that.

The FAB Family Tree

I heard about this in our conversation, and one of the participants pulled out a nice Search result, with a full thread where @mewmew, the cool admin of wrote about it. And even drew a Family tree, shown above a little cropped and resized to fit Blog size. Original image, larger size

Mewmew also posted an even larger Family Tree, for the whole clan, of which FAB descended.

I found this fascinating, love History and understanding how things evolved!

On to Other Noteworthy instances !

Here I will be listening to @fristi, the admin of's recommendations. (see section on “Associated Instances” on linked page)

If you don't think this instance fits you, or if you just want to know your “neighbors”, here's a list of associated instances:

Woah, Nelly — that's a Huge list !

Yes, and I actually left out a couple of listed ones, since they contain risqué things, like loli. I would not recommend this for legal reasons to start with.

From Fristi's huge list, which is wonderful by coming with descriptions and recommended by a current admin, I would select some for further research; I am looking at the instance size, and recommending medium and larger ones, with reliable uptime.

So, Look Up info on :

Blob.Cat : good numbers. US location is not ideal. But the admin is a know great guy. Recommended.

(@mewmew is also admin of, but that is a Glitch-Social instance, a Mastodon variant which is much nicer, but this list is Pleroma focused)

Outer.Heaven : good numbers and an European location (!!) – ideal for privacy.

Weebspace : good info, Norway location. : smaller instance, admin is developer of Husky client, and if you like to participate in a project like that, beta test, offer suggestions, it's a cool place. English and Russian spoken frequently. Finland location.

Also Worth Considering, with Caveats :

Somewhat controversial, I have seen good posts by @P, admin of FSE, and some good comments about the second listed below : : as we would expect from the name, an American instance. I have met great people from there, although there's some rude users. Consider if Free Speech is your personal Flag, @P is a good admin. US location is not ideal. : If you are adventurous and have a sense of humour, it might work? US location, besides. But might be of interest to some.

And I think this can wrap it for today! Please send comments with any recommendations. Thank you.

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