Superb new Themes in a GlitchSocial instance

Introducing a new and Friendly Instance :

I have been speaking with Tom, who is the admin at, an interesting new instance.

Tom is running my current Favourite instance software — the Glitch-Social variant, an Elite and Avant-garde, enhanced Mastodon.

Quite recently I wrote a nice Blog page, describing not only How, but Why I have been searching for better instances. I am very happy with my new account at

Similarly to, is Small and a Labour of Love – with all the good that a dedicated administrator can bring into a focused effort project.

Improvements — Larger Max Toot, Bio and Display Names :

Tom listened to my argument for Larger Maximum Toot Sizes — and upon consideration, agreed and implemented new ones at his instance.

That was very pleasant to me — in months on my Crusade for Bigger Toot Allowance, the battles are many, the victories, few. So thank you indeed.

They also have a nice Focus, as described in their About page

And curious Cats of course like to stray, and they came...

So Yann2 went looking. And reported to HQ :

Coming in, setting up house, looking good.

@realcaseyrollins says he liked it here too. Thank you for the service and all the work you put into it.

I was Really Impressed by the various and so pretty Themes you have installed. Well done!

And that's not all!

Love the Dark Themes, and Ultra Dark Roast, The Dark Minty one and Dark Raspberry are all lovely.

Do you share the source for those? I could propose them as additions to another instance I belong to, if you don't mind.

They deserve to be seen. 👍

To which, Tom promptly replied!

@yann2 Everything source and theme related is always published in the github repository. 🔗

They are not separately stored so you'll need to poke around and most are glitch flavor focused. If that doesn't scare you than by all means! Our themes are open!

Getting the Word Out !

My Bro Yann was greatly impressed, and sent me the links and Story for #FediReporter publication!

And the attached original shot (Click for Larger Image) :


Screen Captures of Some of Tom's nice work :

All images – Click to see larger sizes

Dark Theme — Rich Dark Mint Flavour

Dark Theme — Rich Dark Raspberry Flavour

Dark Theme — Ultra Dark Roast Flavour

And my personal Impressions ?

All of them are stunning, elegant, comfortable on the eyes. Those shown here are all Dark Themes, but Tom also has Light coloured ones if you prefer.

Great work deserves to be seen. The world will get to know these. 👍

Thanks to Tom for all this creative work, and Yann2 for the Heads-up.


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