Nomad is my Heart.


To love is sometimes to let go, respect someone's need to be out and observe, marvel at so much the world has to offer. Sometimes people have a hard time accepting that, while part of a community, or in a closer relationship with someone, all humans have curiosity and it's rich to see and let it blossom.

I offer this post to my friend Coralie, we met very recently, and yet she has such a sensibility, that it saw deeply into my heart and soul.

Yesterday she surprised me, messaging privately and offering a comment that delighted me — that she could perceive my inner nature so clearly.

It closely related to the theme of this page. A toot, written from the hip, not polished or edited but coming from inside, prose flowing. A response to the local system administrator, which sometimes shows concern about my wanderings all over the Fediverse.

This morning, she favourited and boosted it – which brought it into my notifications and a re-read confirms it's poetic, and should be published. To Coralie, I offer this.

Thanks dear friend.

“One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.” — Antoine de Saint Exupery

And so I wrote.

Well done, very good.

And excellent work on implementing that feature, new in non-Japanese instances (in Nippon they created that for Misskey).

I was honoured that you pursued this feature to serve my own nomad lifestyle, lol, but I need the real thing, to join and post as a Local in any instance I am interested it is my modus-operandi.

Thanks to the power and flexibility of the great Pinafore client for Fediverse, each of my current 11 or so instances are ONE click away; I do keep various tabs of Pinafore open, with the most frequently used instances loaded in each.

As I have stated and explained before, this is a personal choice, for a inquiring mind and mid to advanced level users. Not for the average user, who is better served by locating one good instance and staying with it. has many good things, and that is the reason I volunteer and put many hours and thousands of posts here.

But that's only one side of me; and I have interests that make having various accounts desirable; and I act on them, as you know.

This morning I am connected and actively communicating from 3 instances atm; each with a focus and local feature set that makes it interesting and useful.

But the feature you are referring to, and which got endorsed by a well created poll, is not an important one for me (reasons stated above).

Getting a better software instance is Number one — I am moving to Glitch-Social instances as much as possible. Pleroma awaits a thorough evaluation, which I plan to publish in my Blog.

Enhanced text formatting is so satisfying that I dread anytime I post something significant — like this very post, which I will use as part of a Blog, real soon — in an instance which doesn't offer me that.

I remain a user here, but Nomad is my heart.

Muensterland.Social – a new Instance joined

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in response to a system admin post.

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