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We are always looking for Talent.

A transcription of a Long Form Toot earlier this morning, fully composed on the fly, in my toot Editor at my main Mastodon instance.

Very lightly edited for Blog publishing, adding links and references only, content was ready. The views in the post are my own, but I believe they reflect the values which make our instance a vibrant and pleasant place to be in.


Pinafore Client deserves a Discussion and Support Forum

A new Pinafore client discussions Forum is now online at Qoto's Discourse Forums

We now have a new sub-forum, dedicated to the powerful and fast Pinafore client for Fediverse instances — Mastodon, Glitch-Social, Pleroma are all supported.

I am a big fan of Pinafore, since first trying it. It is a popular client with power users, as it is FAST and Light, plus has elegant design, clean UI and many nice features.


I have been thinking about a new and better Instance.

And a small snapshot of my busy Tabs list in #Waterfox browser shows that I really was looking for some good GlitchSocial instances.

Found a nice one, here. came up in my search, from one of those tabs in the header banner.

Thank you, 🐘 ! 😺

#MarkDown love for me. #xp #glitchsocial