Musings by @rg


“Take your information and do what you want with it.”

That suggestive text sounds like Freedom of movement is granted and important, doesn't it? That is directly copied from Documents at

The truth is less rosy though. There are easy and reliable ways to :

  • Export the list of people you Follow.
  • Export lists of people you Mute (hiding their posts from your view)
  • Export lists of people and instances you Blocked (barring their content reaching you).

We are always looking for Talent.

A transcription of a Long Form Toot earlier this morning, fully composed on the fly, in my toot Editor at my main Mastodon instance.

Very lightly edited for Blog publishing, adding links and references only, content was ready. The views in the post are my own, but I believe they reflect the values which make our instance a vibrant and pleasant place to be in.